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Needle exchanges are often controversial, and some opponents, like Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, feel that the approach sends the wrong message. In an interview with KJZZ, Montgomery likened syringe-access programs to "a free-case-of-beer-a-month program for alcoholics." But, as Coles points out, "Withholding [clean syringes] doesn’t prevent them from using drugs. It just puts them at risk of contracting hepatitis and HIV, in addition to other preventable illnesses."

Bipartisan Bill Seeks to Legalize Needle Exchanges In Arizona

Phoenix New Times
"It's really low-barrier the way we are doing it," Patterson says. "All you have to do is find us."

Fight The Opioid Epidemic, All Agree. But Strategies Vary Widely

"Shot in the Dark isn’t about trying to push people in recovery. It’s about trying to keep people safe while they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Volunteers Crowdfund Arizona’s Biggest Syringe Access Program

The Fix
[Jacob] said for him, Shot in the Dark is potentially life-saving. "If you don't have access to [clean syringes], you're not going to stop doing drugs, you're just going to deal with it and use dirty messed up gear," Weiss said.

Harm reduction program takes ‘Shot in the Dark’ to help addicts

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“Just because you are using drugs doesn’t mean your healthcare doesn’t matter and doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done,” she said, glancing at the GPS guiding us to our first stop.

Phoenix’s Underground Needle Exchange Offers Lifeline For Opioid Users